Electronic Bill Payment


Today’s savvy customers expect online bill presentment and payment options for all types of goods and services – and healthcare expenses are no exception.  If you’re not already offering this convenience, you may not be meeting your customers’ needs. With Alegeus, you can easily enter the marketplace with a superior eBill solution that can help to maximize customer usage and support your business strategies.

With the Alegeus electronic bill presentment and payment solution, your customers can receive bills electronically and make secure payments online or over the phone.  Through a fully PCI compliant solution, they can pay by credit card, by debit card, or directly from their savings or checking accounts.  Payments and funds are available faster and require less administrative work.  And clients experience significant cost savings from the elimination of paper bills and the ability to provide various payment channels to your customers for their convenience.

  • Support print and electronic processes. Alegeus is uniquely positioned to support both print and electronic billing and payment processes. We can take your existing print stream and convert it to electronic bills. Or, we can also offer a more economic, outsourced print stream solution.
  • Meet customer needs. Alegeus gives you the flexibility you need to offer your customers an entire eBill program or just a one-time payment solution. The one-time payment option can ease tentative customers into the process of paying their bills electronically without requiring them to enroll in full bill presentment. Either solution is based on the needs of your customers, giving them the payment options they want.
  • Increase efficiency. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, and they don’t require you to enlist significant in-house IT support. You get immediate, measurable results that improve your profitability and productivity, and with eBill Presentment and Payment, you have another way to differentiate your services, and attract and retain customers.
  • Adopt green business practices. The benefit of accepting electronic payments is not limited to financial and efficiency gains.  Choosing to go electronic is an eco-friendly business strategy with significant environmental benefits including carbon footprint reduction, energy, water and tree conservation, and pollution reduction.