Mobile Account Access


Mobilization represents an exciting opportunity to extend CDH account offerings.  Mobile adds a whole new dimension of flexibility for your “on-the-go” participants, giving them a convenient way to access their healthcare spending accounts – securely, at any time and from virtually anywhere.  It also gives you a new way to stand out in a competitive market, attract new customers and improve participant satisfaction – all while boosting efficiency and profitability.

WealthCare Mobile, the newest mobile app from Alegeus Technologies, provides a single access point for your participants to manage consumer directed healthcare and other tax-advantaged benefit accounts from any iOS or Android enabled smartphone.  Through the mobile application, participants can access detailed account information, including account balances and plan details, recent transactions and communications.

In addition, WealthCare Mobile empowers users to access CDH dollars by enabling functions like receipt upload and claim submission.  Using the WealthCare Mobile SMS alerting functionality, participants receive  a wide variety of customizable SMS alerts aimed at proactively engaging participants prior to their need to contact their administrator. Participants can simply text “BAL” to a specified short code and receive real-time balance information for all their elected CDH accounts. Finally, participants have the ability to opt-in or out of receiving SMS alerts at any time – such as low balance, annual deductible met, year-end reminders, payroll deposit receipts and much more.

  • An extension of your brand. Like the other offerings in the WealthCare solution suite, the WealthCare mobile application is a true “white-label” solution that is fully customizable.  Clients can choose logo, colors, buttons, icons, as well as the application and mobile “desktop” name – to align with your corporate branding. 
  • Seamless account access.  The mobile application is really an extension of the WealthCare Portal – and doesn’t require an additional registration.  Simply download the application, login using your WealthCare Portal credentials, and go!
  • Improved participant experience. Today’s mobile-savvy consumers are used to performing a wide variety of tasks.  With the addition of WealthCare Mobile, your participants can effectively access their CDH accounts anytime, from anywhere – and perform a variety of convenient self-service functions including balance access, viewing transaction history, uploading claims, and attaching documentation to previously submitted claims
  • Reduced servicing costs.  Mobile represents a more cost-effective participant communication channel.  For example, encouraging your participants to leverage text messages for balance inquiries represents an opportunity to replace more expensive servicing alternatives like IVR or live agent.
  • Competitive advantage.  In a crowded marketplace, mobile represents an opportunity to differentiate yourself from competition.