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The Alegeus Secret Sauce

The right solution and strategy will allow you to take full advantage of market opportunities. Alegeus has proven time and again that our approach helps our clients differentiate and win – just check out our scorebook.

>2x growth relative to their peers

Alegeus clients, on average, are growing at a 2x faster rate than the overall consumer-directed healthcare market benchmark.

30% increase in consumer engagement

Our clients report stickier relationships, based on increased consumer interactions per participant, per year.

55% increase in consumer adoption

Alegeus clients have seen increased adoption within eligible populations as a result of superior customer education and engagement.

85% increase in account funding

Our solutions drive increased funding per account due to better consumer financial planning tools, guidance and support.

Greater win and retention rates

Clients are able to deliver differentiated value propositions that lead to better outcomes for their brokers, employers and consumers.