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Alegeus by the Numbers

The stats speak for themselves – here are just a few notable numbers in the Alegeus playbook.

> 27
Number of years since Alegeus was founded in Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1995. The company quickly emerged as a leader in the consumer-directed healthcare industry.

> 350
Total number of Alegeus clients today, including many of the most recognizable TPAs, health plans, financial institutions and more.

> 225,000
Total number of Alegeus employer groups, from Fortune 100 organizations to small employers and across a wide range of industries.

> 30 million
Total number of consumers whose healthcare spending and saving is powered by the Alegeus platform, helping them to become better stewards of their healthcare dollars.

> ~$5.2 billion
Total addressable market for consumer benefit accounts; CDH comprises ~3.5 billion of that total.