2019 Alegeus HSA Participant Profile

Research affirms that HSA participants are more fluent, more engaged in healthcare decision-making, and savvier healthcare consumers than their peers.

Alegeus is pleased to unveil part two of its research series on health savings account participants, the 2019 HSA Participant Profile, which provides unique insight into healthcare consumer facts that dispel common misconceptions that surround HSAs. Based on a survey of more than 1,400 U.S. healthcare consumers, the report was commissioned to better understand consumer confusion around HSAs and use participant data to debunk myths.

The premise of healthcare consumerism is that, if given more financial responsibility for healthcare and empowered to make more informed decisions, healthcare consumers will make better choices that lead to improved health outcomes and decreased overall healthcare costs. Consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) and HSAs are a centerpiece these strategies, and the good news is that they seem to be delivering on their promise.

Through better understanding of real (versus perceived) account holder characteristics, this research offers unique insights into how America’s savviest healthcare consumers engage with their healthcare to get the most value for every dollar they spend or save, as well as where they fall short of realizing the full advantage these accounts have to offer.

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