Volume 5
August 2017

Legislative Roundup

A look back at the whirlwind week the Senate failed to replace the ACA

At the end of July, Senate Republicans weren't able to muster the votes needed to pass any of their three main healthcare reform efforts under budget reconciliation. Learn which CDH provisions maintain a path forward.

The GOP may vote this fall on their latest ACA repeal proposal

Senate Republicans may make another attempt to pass ACA repeal/replace under budget reconciliation when they return this September. Learn which CDH provisions are included in the current proposal.

Could Congress support a bipartisan healthcare solution?

The House's Problem Solvers Caucus has a history of successful bipartisan actions and is drafting a healthcare reform proposal for Congress to consider this fall. Can a bipartisan healthcare effort overcome Washington's political stalemate?

The HSA industry responds to the DOL's request for comments

The DOL should exempt HSAs from the fiduciary rule to help promote robust competition among HSA trustees and custodians – reducing their cost to employers and individuals and allowing them to achieve their primary goal of creating a consumer market for medical care.