Volume 6 
 October 2017

Legislative Roundup

IRS releases 2018 cost of living adjustments for some benefit accounts

2018 limits for health FSAs, QSEHRAs, transit/parking, adoption and 401(k)s reflect modest inflation adjustment.

Executive order expands HRAs and increases healthcare choice & access

Following months of failed healthcare votes, President Trump used his administrative authority to direct Treasury, DOL and HHS to consider regulatory changes. Learn about the three proposed changes and how they could impact your business?

Key committee Senators strike bipartisan deal on short-term ACA "fix"

But, is it dead on arrival? Despite garnering 24 co-sponsors, the Bill may not get a vote. Is there room for negotiation? Will any of the CDH industry's priorities be included in the final version?

House Committee passes legislation repealing the DOL fiduciary rule

If the Financial Services Committee's PASS Act is enacted, it would repeal the DOL fiduciary rule and change the regulations' jurisdiction to the SEC. Will Congress have time to vote on this among all of its other priorities?
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