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CAA 2021 Provisions Require Employers Take a Closer Look at Employee Benefits Costs

We recently sat down with Patrick Williams, AIF with Fiduciary in a Box, to get his insights into CAA 2021 requirements.

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Per Your Request: Digging into “Regular” HRAs

This webinar tackles HRA FAQs - plan design considerations, innovative applications, and benefits of carded vs. non-carded accounts and more.

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Lunch & Learn with Us

Alegeus is pleased to host the Lunch & Learn series, a lineup of engaging and informative webinars designed to fuel our partners' growth strategies and unlock greater success.

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HRAs + HSAs = Better Together?

We look at the considerations, limitations and potential outcomes of pairing an HRA with an HSA when designing a benefits plan.

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Start the Conversation

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Common Myths about HRAs, Busted

We debunk some of the most common myths about HRAs to give you a framework for discussing this valuable benefit with your employers.

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Shutting the Back Door: Strategies for Preventing Client Churn

Alegeus will host a webinar to share strategies around customer intimacy, engagement, preventing client churn, and more.

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2023/2024 Open Enrollment Training Webinars

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Q&A with CGO Melanie Hallenbeck: 100 days with Alegeus

We sat down with Alegeus CGO Melanie Hallenbeck to learn more about her vision for our organization and our partners.

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To Card or Not to Card? Advantages and disadvantages of a carded HRA

This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of a carded HRA plan, which allows employees to access their funds using a debit card or payment card.

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Understanding HRAs: The Progress, Possibilities & Potential Pitfalls

Alegeus is pleased to offer a new webinar to talk about how you can take advantage of HRAs as a solution in your book of business.

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The ABCs of HRAs: A guide to health reimbursement arrangements

By understanding the ABCs of HRAs, businesses can create more attractive benefits packages while empowering their workforce to access essential healthcare services and take charge of their spending.

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