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We are a family, united in our purpose and vision

Our 600+ colleagues are driven to make healthcare better for consumers. Through our various roles in the organization, we are on a mission to help consumers save money on healthcare so that they can have a happier and healthier future. In doing so, we are also giving a healthier future to our people – giving them an opportunity to do meaningful work for a market-leading organization, and helping them grow personally and professionally.  (And we sure do have a lot of fun together along the way!)

Our values enable our success

Our values drive our culture, behavior and decision-making.

We care personally

We are one Alegeus family that cares about and protects one another. Our work is meaningful to us; we care deeply about driving the best possible outcomes. This isn’t a “check the box” type of environment; we are driven to excellence.

We put the end user first

We take an outside-in approach to our work by always putting ourselves in the end user’s shoes. We are fanatical about experiences, focused on both driving the right outcomes and making the experience simple, intuitive and surprisingly delightful.

We challenge the status quo

We are disrupters that live with one foot in the white space. Transformation is our ultimate goal, but we are also focused on incremental improvements along the way. Results guide our effort as we work tenaciously to find the best path to achieve our vision.

We practice the art of inspection

We are endlessly curious, always looking to dig deeper. Knowing that our quest to transform healthcare will require more than surface-level insights, we collaborate to consider all perspectives, use data to guide us and always seek to see the big picture.

We solve the real problem

We prevent swirl and rework by ensuring we are solving root problems, not just treating symptoms. We take the time to diagnose, then solve – always ensuring that we have a clear definition of what success looks like.

A thriving culture focused on supporting and growing our people – both at work and at home

Here are some things our employees tell us they like about working at Alegeus:

  • Entrepreneurial environment
    Our employees value our relatively flat organizational structure – without excessive layers of management or overhead. Everyone is approachable and accessible, from the CEO to the most junior roles. Employees are encouraged to think and contribute beyond their job description.
  • Fast-paced, exciting atmosphere
    We are operating in a rapidly changing industry, and that is reflected in our vibrant and dynamic work environment. With a results-oriented culture, we get things done quickly and efficiently without too much bureaucracy or red tape. Our people have a strong sense of purpose and urgency, we are working together to make a real difference.
  • Focus on employee development & career progression
    We value intelligence and potential, wherever we can find it, and we invest heavily in our talent.  Between Alegeus and our private equity owners, we offer a significant number of professional development and advancement/promotion programs to grow your skill set, elevate your contributions and prepare you for your next role.
  • Family-oriented culture
    We are one crazy Alegeus family that cares deeply for one another. We are hyper-focused on taking care of our employees in both good times and challenging times. Our executive team leads with an honest and transparent communication style, at all times demonstrating care and respect for our employees.
  • Strong work/life balance
    We recognize that work is a part of life, not your entire life. We strive to empower our employees to be exceptional professionals who are present and fulfilled in their personal lives. We care for the whole person, not just the work that they do for our business.

You want to live, breathe and grow your career with a family that supports you with a backbone of steel. Alegeus has it and so much more.

Lina S. operations analyst

I knew Alegeus was the right fit for me during my first few weeks. As an entry-level employee I was stuffing envelopes when an executive sat down next to me and offered to help. Since then, I’ve been shown time and time again that, regardless of title or level, everyone is equal when it comes to ideas, problem solving and innovation.

Justin R. product owner

I started my career with Alegeus right out of college with very little experience and a lack of direction. Based on the needs of the business and with the support of leadership, I was given opportunities to explore multiple areas of the organization. Within one year, I had built a skillset, learned from several mentors and ended up landing in Human Resources. I am proud to work for a team and a company that cares personally about me, my well-being and my career aspirations. With hard work, passion and a ‘can-do’ attitude, Alegeus opens the door to endless opportunities!

Monique L. human capital administrator

We are intentional about cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture

We challenge one another to recognize biases, honor our identities and celebrate our differences. This enriches our workplace and drives our business forward. We recognize that our bold vision of transforming healthcare requires the perspectives, experiences, talents and passions of a diverse workforce. The consumers we serve come from all walks of life, and therefore so should we. Alegeus is dedicated to promoting fairness and equality across all identities – ensuring a safe, supportive and inclusive work environment; identifying and addressing disparities; and strengthening our hiring and mentorship programs to proactively seek talent from underrepresented groups.


  • Racial Injustice efforts that include matching donations to charities, offering paid time off to peacefully protest and volunteer, and amplifying the voices of our employees
  • AARP Employer Pledge Signer
  • Orlando Sentinel’s Top Work Places 2019
More on our commitment

As a new Alegeus sales team member, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I envisioned that everyone would be 'out for self' and that I would just have to figure out the lay of the land on my own. Not so! The whole team welcomed me in with open arms. From the sales team to the senior executives, no question was off limits; no matter how busy anyone was, they always made time to stop and help.

Kim Graham

When I joined Alegeus, I was the youngest member on my team and had no experience in the industry. But I was eager to contribute and share my previous work experience. The team welcomed my ideas and encouraged me to take risks. A year and half later, I became the organization’s inclusive innovation leader.

Jazzmine Arbuthnot

I personally care about fairness and equity in both the company where I work and within society at-large. Alegeus is the first organization I have worked for that made diversity and inclusion a core focus and measure of organizational success. It is very special to me to know that I can live my values out loud at a place that cherishes those same values.

Dan Crocker

Diversity is a gift we should never take for granted. Many companies don't provide any focus on diversity and inclusion, and those that do treat it as a mandate. At Alegeus, culture is created from within, and the support from executive leadership and Vista leadership has been nothing short of inspiring!

Sheldon Murphy

Benefits beyond the expected

A strong benefits package is an essential part of every employee's total compensation and job satisfaction. From health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance, to 401(k) plans and tax-advantaged benefit accounts, the Alegeus benefit package includes all of the coverage and programs you would expect from a market-leading organization, as well as a few more things you might not.

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  • Significant contributions/matches to HSA and 401(k)

  • Generous PTO and employee recognition programs

  • Professional development programs for all job levels and functions

  • Mindfulness tools to improve mental health

  • Credit monitoring and other tools to improve financial wellness

  • Health and well-being programs to improve fitness and prevent chronic issues

Alegeus gives back

We work hard every day to make a difference in the lives of our people, our communities and healthcare consumers everywhere. By championing the charitable organizations and causes that our employees and clients care most passionately about, we ensure that corporate giving is at the heart of our organization. We view educating and supporting healthcare consumers as an important part of our company mission and vision, and we work well beyond the bounds of our paid client relationships to build fluency and healthier futures.

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Promoting an educated consumer

Consumer-directed healthcare empowers people to make smarter spending and saving choices. In that spirit, we are pleased to share information provided by Cigna, the provider of health plans for Alegeus employees. Beginning July 1, 2022, the link below will lead to the machine-readable files (MRFs) made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule. These MRFs include negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. They are formatted to allow researchers, regulators and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

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