The most flexible and feature-rich HRA in the market

Designed to simplify HRA administration

The Alegeus WealthCare Administration platform can make even the most complex HRA plans manageable.

Intelligent solutions for every employer

Administer a range of products designed to meet the needs of all your employers – including small- and medium-sized businesses seeking cost-effective options.

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements

    A truly integrated solution that enables employers to reimburse their employees for common medical expenses.

  • Individual Coverage HRAs

    ICHRA plans allow the consumer to shop for coverage in the marketplace, helping to control costs for employers and employees alike.

  • Excepted Benefit HRAs

    EBHRA plans are designed to cover expenses for eligible excepted benefits, such as copays or premiums for vision or dental.

  • Qualified Small Employer HRAs

    For employers with fewer than 50 employees, QSEHRAs can offer health insurance premium reimbursement.

A win-win approach

With the ability to easily implement custom debit card authorization rules, Alegeus partners can achieve the highest card penetration, usage and auto-substantiation rates in the industry. Advantages of Alegeus’ carded HRAs include:


  • Cost savings – Reduces manual claims and processing costs.
  • Ease & accuracy – Enables POS adjudication and increase auto-substantiation rates.
  • Simplified experience – Provides a single access point to all accounts for easy spending.
  • Boosted brand equity – Cards extend your brand to the POS.
  • Smart spending behavior – Increases cost visibility for consumers, empowering them to more carefully consider their healthcare spending decisions. This also helps set them up for a successful transition, should their benefit offering change in the future.

Helping your brand shine

Ensure an outstanding consumer experience with AI-powered decision support tools and self-service features, delivered through a next-generation online portal and mobile app – with every touchpoint customized to your brand specifications. The Alegeus engagement hub delivers real-time, proactive and triggered alerts that engage and empower consumers at critical spending and saving moments in their healthcare journey.

Committed to seeing our partners grow

The Alegeus HRA solution can be customized to serve an infinite variety of benefit plan designs.
  • Plan flexibility

    Limitless configurations fulfill the needs of your brokers, employers and consumers.

  • Frictionless administration

    State-of-the art technology and support increase speed-to-market, reduce errors and improve the consumer experience.

  • Self-service

    Reduce costs and save time through self-configuration.

  • Data-driven decision making

    Interactive analytics deliver actionable insights to grow your business, operate more efficiently, and better engage/delight your customers and stakeholders.

  • Brand equity

    Our white-label model allows you to own every touchpoint and build brand equity.