A more competitive, differentiated HSA solution

A distinctly modern offering.

Millennials and Gen Z now dominate the workforce. As digital natives, they have high expectations of employment, benefits, money and well-being. Likewise, Gen X and Baby Boomers have increasingly high demands on their expenses for health in later life. HSAs have largely not evolved to meet these expectations – until now. The Alegeus WealthCare HSA provides an engaging and modern user experience, with capabilities that far surpass traditional HSAs. Further, it delivers significant value at every stage of the employment journey, across the spectrum of personas – spenders, savers and investors.

The industry's only multi-path investment solution

Alegeus breaks the mold of “one-size-fits-all” investing solutions by offering a modern user experience built right into the WealthCare HSA, presenting accountholders with three investing approaches to fit their needs and goals:

  • Managed

    Ideal for entry-level investors, the managed option automatically selects and manages investments according to the account holder’s risk profile.

  • Self-directed

    Providing a balance between managed and DIY, the self-directed option lets account holders choose from a curated list of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) covering multiple asset classes.

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    Offering a hands-on, DIY approach to investing, the brokerage option lets skilled investors perform advanced research and trade across more than 600 EFTs and S&P 100 stocks – including fractional trading.

Unrivaled employer advantages

Employers value differentiated, no-noise benefit solutions that help them attract and retain talent, while keeping their employees healthy and engaged. WealthCare HSA reduces their administrative burden with efficient transfers and enrollment; simplified and flexible funding, payroll and reconciliation capabilities; and a competitive benefit offering that delivers the best total value for their employees – a crucial selling point in today’s competitive job market.

Greater flexibility, lower costs for administrators

With WealthCare HSA, administrators enjoy lower built-in custodial costs and greater revenue.
  • One partner, one integration

    Seamless, dynamic coordination between HSA and non-HSA plans.

  • Unified consumer experience

    A single card, portal and account experience, including fully embedded investments.

  • Flexible reporting

    Easy access to the insights you need to manage your program.

  • Smart retail strategy

    Uninterrupted card use and re-hire automation – own the HSA for the life of the consumer.