Best-In-Class Open Enrollment Strategies

Think about where you might fall on the below spectrum – is your open enrollment strategy traditional, best-in-class, or future ready? We see a lot of third party administrators (TPAs) landing in the traditional column, with potential for best-in-class and future ready strategies. By getting more involved in open enrollment strategies, plan design and adoption, you can achieve a future ready program.

best in class open enrollment strategies

In order to be considered a best-in-class open enrollment function and continue to have success in the future, TPAs have a seat at the table and are involved in these decisions. These companies are thinking about bundling strategies, contribution strategies, and plan design. They are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they communicate messages regarding open enrollment and are focused on it year-round.

Once you have achieved a best-in-class function, how do you solidify it for the future and get ahead of the curve? It really starts with strategies like clear ownership, an aggressive multi-year HSA seeding strategy, segmentation, and personalization.

Alegeus is here to help companies become best-in-class and future winners – it all starts with discovery. Are you positioned to drive outcomes? We have a multitude of resources to help you achieve your goals based on where you are currently, and where you want to be. The webinar below is a great place to start.

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