A flexible, scalable and easy way to personalize employee benefits

Built on the industry’s leading healthcare payments platform, the Alegeus Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) delivers the flexibility to personalize employee benefits for any need.

A full spectrum of benefits

Backed by an industry-leading client support team and powered by modern SaaS-based technology, the Alegeus LSA spans a variety of programs.

  • Professional development

    Provide funds for college courses, trade & vocational schools and other types of training

  • Work-from-home

    Support a remote workforce by funding utilities, home office equipment, furniture and supplies

  • Leisure & hobbies

    Promote work/life balance by offering money for museum & amusement park passes, hobby shops and bookstores

  • Healthy living

    Increase employee engagement in their health with gym memberships, sporting goods, athletic clothing and beyond

  • Family care

    Show support for a diverse workforce through offerings like childcare, elder care services, vet services and pet supplies

  • Food

    Provide opportunities for healthy food purchases, which can lead to higher satisfaction and productivity

Navigate shifting workforce expectations

The employment landscape has experienced seismic change in the past few years. Workforces are increasingly diverse and spread out geographically and remotely. Employees want and need more than just a salary and traditional benefits. Through lifestyle benefit offerings, you can help your employer customers combat these challenges. Lifestyle benefits allow employers to demonstrate support for their employees’ personal and professional well-being, helping to reduce turnover and increase loyalty and engagement. Our recent webinar, “Lifestyle Spending Accounts: Positioning You to Capture the Next Wave,” details the large and growing market opportunity for LSAs.

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Designed to give you and your employers a distinctly competitive advantage

The Alegeus LSA is purpose-built to support the needs of large and complex employers.
  • Targeted spending

    Define or limit spending by choosing the specific retailers or categories that are eligible.

  • A benefit and a perk

    Employers can offer employees the things they both need and intrinsically want.

  • Measurable and adaptable

    Flexibility to adjust and refine to promote positive outcomes and happy employees.

  • One brand: yours

    The Alegeus LSA is white-label throughout, giving you the chance to build brand equity and consumer confidence.