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New competitive threats and market forces are impacting the TPA opportunity

Administrators must consider how they evolve their product and market strategies to maintain relevance and protect/gain share.

Commoditization of benefit accounts

When surveyed, only 35% of employers indicated that they see a high degree of differentiation between benefit account administrators

New/emerging competition

Non-traditional competitors such as health insurance plans, financial institutions and other adjacent benefit solution providers are entering the market with a variety of value propositions

Fee erosion

With competitors driving PAPM fees down, TPAs must explore new strategies and partnerships to charge for value and participate more fully in the revenue streams associated with these programs

Evolution of the account mix

By 2021, the number of HSAs will overtake that of FSAs and constitute a projected 44% of all health benefit accounts, changing the game for TPAs who have largely focused on notional accounts

Drive for automation

In what is always a people-intensive business, administrators must always seek new methods of automation to drive down operating expenses and improve margins

We have been a client of Alegeus for almost 15 years, and Alegeus has been a tremendous partner during that time.  They are so much more than a technology company to us. Whether it’s helping us get a new business deal over the line, jumping on a client issue or planning for the future, they are always right there to help.

We have always had a great reputation and track record for service excellence, but lately that doesn’t seem like enough to get the attention of new brokers and distribution partners. With the new Smart Account experience, we see a much different path forward, where we can compete and win based on unique product capabilities, cost savings and outcomes.

As we are out competing in the market, we’ve always been very well-positioned to win new business, with the strength of the Alegeus platform and partnership behind us.

We built our business for decades around our flagship FSA product and for years struggled to gain traction with our employer groups around HSAs. We were consistently winning the notional business, only to see the HSA accounts carved out to other solution providers. Alegeus jumped in and helped us refine our messages and sales materials, and even joined us in finalist meetings to help us change our sales momentum around HSAs. They are a great partner.

Create value and avoid a ‘race to the bottom’

Our flexible business model is built around partnerships

Easy to do business with
  • World-class support team

    Dedicated team of experts, focused on your success during implementation and beyond

  • Flawless implementation and conversion

    High-quality conversion, delivered on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to your stakeholders

  • Best-practice guidance

    Helping you harness the full power of our platform and optimally aligning it to your business

  • Rigorous performance measurement

    Measuring what matters to you, with score cards to reinforce our results

Customer-centric support model
  • Your brand at the forefront

    Our white-label model makes your brand the hero, with no trace of Alegeus behind the scenes

  • Your member experience

    Highly configurable front end – or the opportunity to consume our capabilities into your environment via integration

  • Product advisory opportunities

    Unmatched product innovation and investments, driven by client input, that fuels your key business priorities  

  • Win-win economics

    When you grow, we grow. We offer growth credits and revenue-share opportunities to ensure our incentives are aligned

  • Unique program insights

    Helping you identify actionable opportunities to improve your program performance

Partnership for growth
  • Collaborative planning

    We work with you to build a fully fleshed-out go-to-market attack plan, with resources behind it to unlock your potential

  • Adoption and engagement programs

    Open-enrollment and year-round engagement strategies to increase account participation and funding

  • Turnkey tools and templates

    Vast library of customizable marketing and sales content assets to help you kick-start your sales toolkit development

  • Competitive insights

    Deep insight into market players, capabilities and effective sell-against strategies

  • Sales support

    Growth-focused resources available to help with tactical sales support activities (demos, RFPs, finalist meetings and more)

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