COVID-19: Ask the Regulatory/Compliance Expert

COVID-19 is an unprecedented, once-in-100 years type global event – which we are all learning to navigate together. During this open-format session, our legal & compliance expert will be on hand to answer all of your COVID-19-related CDH legal & compliance questions, including:

  • Eligibility of COVID-19 expenses
  • Tax filing deadlines
  • The possibility of extending run-out deadlines
  • The possibility of temporarily softening substantiation requirements
  • Implications of relief legislation
  • And more

Our guest speaker, Jason Lacey, is an attorney that specializes in the areas of income taxation, ERISA, employee benefits, and executive compensation. He assists both employers and service providers in all aspects of employee benefit plan design, administration, and compliance – with particular focus on self-insured and consumer-directed health plans.

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The latest legislative developments, business risks, and trends in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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