The (Present and) Future of ICHRA

With their flexible nature, Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) have been a quietly essential element of healthcare payments solutions for decades. Now, they may become the cornerstone of an industry transformation in the form of Individual Coverage HRAs, AKA ICHRAs (“ick-rahs”).

As we reach the third anniversary of the ICHRA being passed into law, we’ve been taking stock of what the future holds and how Alegeus will continue to help our clients capitalize.

Our partnership with HealthSherpa enables you to simplify the administration of ICHRA benefits and make it easier for consumers to find the care and coverage that meets their needs. Watch our webinar to learn how HealthSherpa and Alegeus are equipping you with what you need to gain traction in the emerging ICHRA market and amplify your growth strategy while providing a differentiated experience for your customers.

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