Health Benefits and Spending in a COVID World

COVID-19 has upended the healthcare industry from top to bottom, including the health benefits space. In this inaugural episode, we discuss trends we’re seeing in consumer healthcare spending, what an industry recovery may look like as the pandemic continues, and emerging technology that can improve the consumer experience. Our guests in this episode: Josh Collins, President of NueSynergy; and Marie Aloisi, Senior Vice President of Commercial Payments at MasterCard.

Creating Healthier Futures with Alegeus – Trailer

In a year unlike any other, the health benefits industry is making monumental strides toward becoming more technologically-driven and consumer-centric. This new podcast series from Alegeus will not only address the opportunities that lie ahead for healthcare in the U.S., but also further our mission: to guide people to the right coverage, care and savings strategies to secure a healthier future.