One card to do it all.

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Easier supplemental benefits, happier members

Real Multi-Purse

Leveraging the leading OTC network and e-commerce/mail-order partners, MA members can pay for OTC and healthy groceries, receive incentives and rebates, and more…all on one card.

White-Label Branding

The full experience (card, web/app, service) is configured to your brand, giving your members a seamless customer journey.

Expertise & Security

We've spent decades supporting retail point-of-sale and claims-based benefits verification limits improper charges and reduces member frustration.

Own the full experience

The Alegeus Medicare Advantage Debit Card brings together multiple purses (supplemental benefits payment, HSA funds, even network cards) into a 100% white-label experience. It’s your brand, powered by our industry-leading platform and service.

The smart option for modern health plans

Medicare Advantage is the fastest-growing and most profitable insurance market in the industry—critical to your business. How do you control your administrative costs while also expanding your benefits to increase your star ratings and grow your customer base? The Medicare Advantage Debit card can help you on all counts.

  • Reduce costs

  • Optimize member experiences

  • Simplify administration

  • Consolidate payments

  • Strengthen plan portfolios

  • Increase Enrollments