Deliver a smarter consumer-directed healthcare account experience

Meeting the consumer where they are with the right tools, support and guidance

Benefit account administrators – including the industry’s leading health plans and third-party administrators – use our white-label platform to deliver a better experience and better outcomes for their participants.

It starts with a strong foundation

At its core, the Alegeus platform gives administrators best-in-class account capabilities to power their consumer directed healthcare offerings (including FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, and more).  Our flexible and innovative platform is the clay you need to mold your unique product strategies – including complete support for enrollment, complex plan design, debit cards, integration, engagement, and beyond.

  • Single platform and experience for all benefit account types

  • Fully brand-able and configurable, with robust integration

  • Multi-purse debit links multiple benefit accounts to a single card

  • Engaging, mobile-first consumer experience

  • Personalized, smart guidance to drive behavior/outcomes

  • Market-leading features for spenders, savers and investors

So much more than “just another benefit account” experience

Building on the inherent strength of our account capabilities, Alegeus delivers a holistic health+wealth experience that puts the consumer at the center, taking the guesswork out of cover, care and savings decisions – and guiding them to the best outcomes.


Traditional benefit accounts

Traditional benefit accounts: Accounts, cards, balances, transactions


A smarter health + wealth experience

Smarter experience: Accounts, deductible tracking, conditions, prescriptions, cost, quality, claims, savings, investments, goals, preferences, rewards

We love the technology that Alegeus has developed…[and] we really see the ways that it can help reduce our expenses and enhance our value proposition to prospects and client

Mike Melnychuk Founder and CEO
HR Simplified, Inc

There are so many cool features in Smart Account. I like how it delivers personalized recommendations. From those who rarely visit the doctor to those with chronic conditions, insight from the app will ensure each person makes the best decision for their unique needs.

Corinne Weston Client Relationship Manager
Clarity Benefit Solutions

The Smart Account app is a giant leap forward. It checks some pretty significant boxes, like access to real-time account information and guidance on the best spending and saving opportunities. I also love the shopping component. Searching for procedures and providers directly within the app – that’s some bang for your buck!

Josh Collins President

Delivering the outcomes and experiences that matter most

For administrators
  • Plan flexibility

    Limitless plan configurations fulfill the unique needs of your brokers, employers and consumers.

  • Frictionless administration

    State-of-the-art technology and support increases speed-to-market, reduces errors and simplifies the consumer experience.

  • Data-driven decision making

    Interactive analytics deliver actionable insights to grow your business, operate more efficiently, and better engage/delight your customers and stakeholders.

  • Improved brand equity, deeper customer relationships

    White-label capabilities allow you to own every touchpoint and build brand equity. (Or, if you’d rather fully outsource your operations under the Alegeus brand, we can do that too!)

For brokers
  • Better win and retention rates

    By offering more than just another “check the box” benefit account offering, brokers/consultants can engage and delight customers with an innovative, differentiated health+wealth experience.

  • Higher adoption & engagement

    With a focus on education, support and engagement - from enrollment, throughout the plan year and beyond - this experience will deliver higher adoption, deeper engagement, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Unique data & insights

    Deeper insight into enrollment and utilization, spending and saving behaviors, and consumer satisfaction and engagement gives brokers/consultants new ways to add value to employer interactions and benefit design.

  • Deliver better outcomes

    By taking the guesswork out of spending and saving decisions, brokers/consultants can deliver expanded cost savings, truly bending the medical curve for their employers and consumers.

For employers
  • Increased adoption (and savings)

    More than a technology solution, we provide a blueprint for program success – including education and enrollment support to drive increased account participation and funding.

  • Smarter healthcare decision-making

    By meeting employees where they are with the right support and guidance, the platform guides employees to high-quality, low-cost spending decisions and more disciplined savings.

  • Happier, more engaged employees

    With a simple, easy-to-navigate account experience, employees feel more confident and make savvier decisions.

  • Healthcare cost containment

    Finally a solution that allows employers to balance their needs to both control healthcare costs and differentiate their employment experience to attract/retain talent.

For consumers
  • More savings

    Consumers get the best value for their healthcare dollars – including greater tax/premium savings, lower costs on routine care, prescription costs and over-the-counter purchases.

  • Improved financial wellness

    Whether making coverage decisions, planning for in-year healthcare costs, or saving for the future – consumers receive step-by-step guidance and personalized recommendations to optimize their healthcare finances.

  • Confidence and peace of mind

    Consumers gain peace of mind that their family can afford the care that they need, and the confidence to navigate the healthcare system with ease.

  • Healthier futures

    A healthier future, free from financial fears – gone are the over-spending, under-saving, confused consumers, struggling to navigate healthcare decision-making!