Our first rule of engagement is the Golden Rule

It’s simple: We treat our partners how we’d like to be treated. As a partner-powered organization, our first priority is setting you up for success – not competing with you in the market.

Let our CEO, Leif O’Leary, explain how we live by the golden rule of partnership…

Your employers, your turf

As your 100% white-label partner, Alegeus will never sell directly to your customers – we ONLY win when you win. That’s why we offer a suite of powerful sales enablement tools, industry-leading technology, and differentiated solutions that give you an undeniable advantage. We’re able to invest in you fully because we’re not distracted by business that shouldn’t concern us. After all, selling to employers is your turf. We know how to stay off it.


  • We will never sell directly to employers
  • You will never have to promote/place our brand
  • We only win when you win
  • Our product roadmap priorities align with yours
  • We care personally about your success

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