Alegeus Technologies Introduces Innovative Card-Based Reimbursement Method for Consumer Directed Healthcare Claims

Alegeus Technologies, the market leader in consumer directed healthcare solutions, today announced an innovative new card-based reimbursement method for processing of consumer directed healthcare (CDH) claims. An alternative to physical checks or direct deposit reimbursement, card-based reimbursement enables administrators – like Medcom, National Benefit Services, and American Benefit Group – to increase consumer convenience, speed reimbursements, and reduce administrator costs when processing manual claims.

With card-based reimbursement, consumers receive their reimbursed dollars directly onto their benefit debit cards. The reimbursed funds are credited to a special ‘purse,’ linked to consumers’ existing cards. This reimbursement purse is designed to be completely unrestricted, allowing consumers to use their card to spend their reimbursed dollars anywhere, for anything. Consumers simply swipe their card and, based on the details of their purchase, sophisticated payment rules within the Alegeus platform ensure that the expense is debited from the appropriate source – either the reimbursement purse, or other benefit accounts tied to the card.

Alegeus clients are eager to adopt this new capability:

  • “We are always looking for ways to enhance the consumer experience,” said Scott Betts, Senior Vice President at National Benefit Services. “Card-based reimbursement gives our consumers more choice for how they want to be reimbursed – and offers a simple and convenient method for receiving their reimbursed dollars.”
  • “We see tremendous speed and efficiency gains from this solution,” said Bob Cummings, Managing Principal at American Benefit Group. “Reimbursement happens instantaneously once the consumer’s claim is approved – eliminating time, hassle and expense of dealing with physical checks or sending ACH files. That translates to quicker reimbursement for consumers; reduced cost, and greater efficiency for us.”
  • “We value the security of the card reimbursement method,” said Christy Dalton, Director of Fringe Benefits at Medcom. “With all of the recent news headlines around data breaches, many of our consumers are hesitant to share sensitive information such as banking details to enable direct deposit. Card-based reimbursement offers a quick and efficient electronic reimbursement method that is not dependent on the consumer sharing such details.”
Alegeus continues to innovate to help improve the consumer healthcare experience – making it simpler, more efficient, and more convenient for consumers to save and pay for the cost of their healthcare,” said John Park, Chief Strategy Officer at Alegeus. “Card-based reimbursement is a win-win for both consumers and our administrator clients, enhancing consumer convenience while driving efficiency and cost reduction.

About Alegeus

With more than 25 years of growth and innovation, Alegeus is the market leader in SaaS-based healthcare payment solutions. Our highly flexible, white-label platform powers account-based benefit programs such as HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, COBRA, wellness incentives, lifestyle benefits and beyond. We deliver exceptional user experiences and differentiated capabilities that help our partners strengthen their product offerings, operate more efficiently, and unlock their full growth potential. Our partnerships with the industry’s leading health plans, third-party administrators, financial services and benefit solution providers give Alegeus unparalleled reach in the market, with access to more than 100 million commercially insured Americans. And our unique partnership model empowers our clients to achieve outsized results – growing their programs at a rate that is 3-4X the market, and with the highest net promoter scores (NPS) in the industry. We never compete with our clients in the market – we win when they win. Alegeus is headquartered in Waltham, Mass., with operations centers in Orlando and Bangalore, and a large remote workforce.


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