Who Are You? Defining Your Story from the Outside In

In business and in sales, we’re often asked, “What do you do?” The truth is, from the customer’s perspective, it doesn’t really matter what we do or offer – they want to know what our solutions will help them achieve. It’s a subtle difference, but very significant in how these conversations play out.

The power in your sales value story comes from articulating a succinct, crisp, compelling list of issues or opportunities you can address for your customers. It’s imperative to put the problems you solve, the pains you remove, and the better results you produce front and center – even though it may not feel natural to talk or write that way.

In this webinar, Alegeus Director of Strategic Partnerships Chris Matrumalo and Account Manager Mike Miller discuss:

  • Identifying the problem with most sales messaging
  • Learning the value of the Bridge Line
  • Understanding the building blocks for a compelling story
  • Planning to build your value story

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