Unlocking the Full Value of Customer Operations

Thursday, September 17 at 1:00 PM ET

Alegeus has rolled out a more proactive and personal approach to service and support for you, our high-growth clients. Our Customer Operations program consists of three pillars – Support, Success and Services – which combine to deliver more efficient system support, more strategic operations support and more consultative technical support.

But what exactly will our new Customer Operations program mean for you? How will expanded Support improve your operations? How can you get the most value out of the well-regarded Customer Success program to meet your internal operational goals? How will our new approach ultimately drive revenue and business growth? And finally, what exciting changes are still to come?

Join Alegeus for an informative and personal webinar on Customer Operations, where leaders from our operations and executive teams will take your questions and discuss:

  • The full picture of Customer Operations
  • The value of a Customer Success approach
  • The new role of the Customer Success Advisor (CSA)
  • Results you can expect to see in your internal operations, business growth and revenue
  • What expanded Support will mean for you
  • How our Professional Services team can deliver more value to technical support
  • How to take advantage of our new Service Tiers program
  • Much more


Jeremy Hastings

Chief Operating Officer

Melody Peterson

Vice President, Strategic Operations

Jen Irwin

SVP, Marketing and Strategy

Josh Portnoy

VP, Professional Services

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