5 Reasons Alegeus Partners are Outpacing the Market in HSA Growth

Powered by our highly flexible and scalable SaaS-based platform, Alegeus partners that are offering HSAs are outpacing the market in growth by a factor of 6x. And that success is not isolated to a select few – nearly 75 percent of partners offering HSAs with Alegeus have an above-market 5-year CAGR. So what’s the secret sauce?

Our differentiated HSA solution helps partners stand out in a crowded market.

The Alegeus HSA solution – WealthCare HSA – is the most comprehensive available, positioning our partners to differentiate and win. With the Alegeus platform, our partners gain innovative funding and payment capabilities to power all of their account-based strategies – serving up market-leading spending, saving and investing experiences for their customers. Flexible integration allows accounts and debit cards to become a seamless extension of the partner’s brand, digital presence and member journey.

Further, by eliminating the unnecessary overhead and inefficiency of third-party banks, WealthCare HSA gives Alegeus greater flexibility to respond to shifting market needs, and ensures a best-in-class digital-first experience. The new HSA High-Yield option also offers some of the highest rates available, allowing account holders to maximize the value of their HSA funds. This creates positive outcomes that benefit consumers, their employers, and Alegeus partners alike.

We empower partners to deliver a better customer experience.

By combining our technology with their white-glove service and solutions, Alegeus partners are achieving the highest customer satisfaction (NPS) scores in the industry – nearly +50 points higher than our closest competitors. “Our customers prefer simplicity over complexity,” notes Josh Collins, president of NueSynergy. Alegeus empowers them to deliver that simplicity with a user-friendly interface, online enrollment and payment processing, and streamlined operations.

We provide valuable sales expertise and marketing support.

Beyond technology, Alegeus also invests heavily in our partners’ growth and success. Enablement resources including communications guides, FAQs and one-sheets – all customized to reflect the partner’s branding – make it easier for partners to inform their customers and drive adoption among employers and employees.

Our innovation roadmap is Partner-Powered.

With a clear focus on our growing market opportunity, and in close alignment with our partners, Alegeus continues to invest heavily in our platform, products and experiences. Wholly committed to our white-label business model and fueled by our “partner-powered” roadmap process, we are focused on delivering innovative, next-gen capabilities that unlock expanded value for our partners – both now and into the future.

We don’t compete with them.

Unlike other competitive technology providers, Alegeus is 100% white-label, which means we never compete with our partners; our only route to market is through them. Their success is our success, and their impressive growth only fuels our commitment to partnership.


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