Automated Billing with Alegeus Reduces Errors & Accelerates Revenue

With the Alegeus automated billing and invoicing solution, you can recognize benefit account administration revenue faster and with less hassle than ever before.

Like with any business, trying to keep up with manually invoicing and billing your clients can consume an inordinate amount of time. What if we told you that you could significantly reduce the time spent on billing and get paid faster? With automated billing and invoicing from Alegeus, you can!

Automated billing to your employer groups reduces errors and billing cycle time while speeding up payments. This exciting, convenient, and highly-flexible capability integrates seamlessly with your benefit account administration.

Reduce billing cycle time
Automating billing and invoicing helps speed up the entire billing process – from creating and sending invoices to receiving payments and managing past-due accounts. With the end-to-end cycle managed automatically in the software, your staff can focus more time supporting clients and less time on administrative tasks. Further, your company can do more with fewer resources.

A number of features are built-in to support a shortened billing cycle:

  • Automated configuration: Customize billing rules by employer and easily configure monthly and annual recurring charges.
  • Billing rules: Flexible billing logic and rate calculation models serve a wide-range of billing needs. Users can make one-time adjustments or a la carte additions and configure monthly or annual fee structures – and can also easily configure models and rates specific to each employer group.
  • Invoice generation: Instantly deliver electronic bills to your employer clients. Users can generate an email to each employer client containing both a traditional invoice (PDF format), as well as a Microsoft® Excel version with a detailed worksheet showing each employee being billed for administrative services.

Get paid faster
With simple configuration of the platform, you can leverage the system’s employer funding process to initiate ACH payments for any invoiced amounts. Get paid faster, save your clients the hassle of writing and mailing monthly checks, and save your team the hassle of processing those checks. You have full control over which payments get initiated, and when.

  • Seamlessly integrated billing: Allows you to easily and quickly create custom billing models for each employer with a single data source for consistency across all Alegeus capabilities.
  • ACH integration: Direct electronic settlement of invoices reduces the time it takes to get paid and improves cash flow.
  • Shorter receivables cycle: ACH integration also eliminates the mail and float time of payments by check, resulting in improved cash flow for your business.

Eliminate manual workflows & billing processes
Manual processes are not only unnecessarily time-consuming, but also increase the possibility of errors. Aside from automating many of your monthly or quarterly billing and invoicing tasks, Alegeus invoicing also serves as a searchable data repository and report generation tool for accounts receivables information.

  • Track & reconcile payments: Enter received payments and reconcile payments with specific invoices to help close the bill-to-revenue loop.
  • Monitor unpaid invoices: Includes easy-to-use aging reports and search capabilities.

Ensure consistency & accuracy
The more information you pre-configure in the Alegeus platform, the more consistency you will build into your monthly, quarterly and annual billing and invoicing and reconciliation activities. You can create more complex and customized billing rules based on your unique needs without worrying about complicated ongoing procedures and the possibility of errors.

  • Generate accurate monthly invoices without dependencies on separate accounting or billing systems.
  • Integrated benefit account administration: Demographic information from your employers pre-populates invoices to ensure consistency and accuracy of information.

Invoicing capabilities can be implemented in about a week, quickly enabling you to spend more time on managing the more strategic facets of your business and less time on redundant, manual tasks that increase the occurrence of costly billing errors.

For more information about invoicing solutions from Alegeus, contact your Account Executive or fill out the form on the right to watch our on-demand webinar, “Finally! A Hassle-Free, Automated Employer Invoice & Billing Solution.”