We help consumers save money on healthcare so they can have a healthier future

Consumers are still struggling to navigate their healthcare

Most are ill-prepared to manage the rising cost of their care – both now, and into retirement.

Choosing the wrong health plan

More than 70% of consumers would save money with an HDHP/HSA, yet only 37% are enrolled in one

Not recognizing the value of accounts

85% of consumers will incur out of pocket healthcare costs, yet only 40% elected an HSA, FSA or HRA

Missing out on tax benefits

Benefit accounts are now ubiquitously offered, yet only 23% of consumer out of pocket spending was with pre-tax dollars

Over-paying for routine healthcare services

The average consumer incurs $5,583 of medical costs, but could save 40% if they had shopped for high-quality, low-cost alternatives

Unprepared for healthcare costs in retirement

Fidelity says the average couple will need $285K at retirement to cover healthcare costs, yet the average HSA balance is just $2,152

In other aspects of my life, I am used to reading reviews, comparing prices, and considering alternatives (heck, I don’t buy a pair of pants without searching for a coupon code!)– but I never felt like I could do that in healthcare.  Now I have those tools at my fingertips to find high-quality, low-cost, in-network care options and prescription savings.

Making healthcare decisions has always been challenging – I often feel lost and am never confident I’m making the right decisions.  Finally – an experience that feels easy!

I was always reluctant to enroll in the consumer directed health plan option, because I was afraid I’d be hit with a large and unexpected expense I couldn’t afford.  But now I have tools to help me plan and save – to make sure I’ve got the right savings buffer.

I never thought about my health savings account as a long term savings tool – but now this experience helps me easily see how much I should be saving based on my family’s specific healthcare needs, and see the implications of my decisions on the future value of my money.

It’s so nice to have a self-guiding tool that tells me how better manage my healthcare finances – I log in, see my score, and basically a to-do list for how I can improve it.  Simple – no more guessing.

Greater consumer healthcare savings starts here

Our flexible business model is built around partnerships

Easy to do business with
  • World class support team

    Dedicated team of experts, focused on your success from implementation and beyond

  • Flawless implementation and conversion

    High quality conversion – delivered on time, on budget with minimal disruption for your stakeholders

  • Best practice guidance

    To help you harness the full power of our platform and optimally align to your business

  • Rigorous performance measurement

    Measuring what matters to you, with score cards to reinforce our results

Customer-centric support model
  • Your brand at the forefront

    Our white label model makes your brand the hero, with no trace of Alegeus behind the scenes

  • Your member experience

    Highly configurable front end – or the opportunity to consume our capabilities into your environment via integration

  • Product advisory opportunities

    Unmatched product innovation and investments, driven by client input – to enable your key business priorities

  • Win/win economics

    When you grow, we grow – we offer growth credits and revenue share opportunities to ensure our incentives are aligned

  • Unique program insights

    Helping you identify actionable opportunities to improve your program performance

Partnership for growth
  • Collaborative planning

    We work with you to build a fully fleshed out go-to-market attack plan, with resources behind it to help unlock your potential

  • Adoption and engagement programs

    Open enrollment and year round engagement strategies to increase account participation and funding

  • Turnkey tools and templates

    Vast library of customizable marketing and sales content assets to help you kick-start your sales toolkit development

  • Competitive insights

    Deep insight into market players, capabilities and effective “sell-against” strategies

  • Sales support

    Growth-focused resources available to help with tactical sales support activities (demos, RFPs, finalist meetings, etc.)

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