End on a High Note: Tips for Post-Open Enrollment Success

For benefit administrators, the window of time following open enrollment is critical. The ensuing days and weeks present an important opportunity to solidify employee satisfaction and maintain positive relations with your employers. By taking the right actions now, you can help set everyone up for better outcomes in the plan year ahead. Here are a few essential steps to ensure success:

Evaluate and analyze data

After the results are in, review your employers’ enrollment data to identify trends. Look for the most popular benefit choices, and note any significant changes from previous years. You’ll also want to analyze the demographic information to tailor future communications and benefits offerings.

Conduct employee feedback sessions

Work with employers to organize post-enrollment meetings or surveys to gather input from employees about their experience. Then, use the feedback to identify pain points, common concerns and areas for improvement.

Address employee concerns

Respond promptly to any post-enrollment concerns or issues raised by employees. In your messaging, provide clear, comprehensive explanations for any discrepancies or confusion.

Communicate changes effectively

Work with employers to identify the most effective communication channels, whether it’s via email, shared videos, company intranet, or virtual office hours. Use these channels to ensure that all employees are informed about any modifications to their benefits.

Provide ongoing support

Offer your clients year-round support for benefits-related queries. Also, maintain an easily accessible help desk, call center, or other support system to assist employees with any problems or questions that arise.

Educational workshops and resources

Host workshops or webinars throughout the year to educate employees on various benefit options, wellness programs, and financial planning resources. At the same time, develop and distribute educational materials to keep employees informed about the benefits available to them. Alegeus partners can leverage the Marketing Portal to share an array of customized educational resources.

Wellness program engagement

Encourage and promote ongoing engagement with any wellness programs being offered. You can do this by providing regular updates, sharing success stories, and motivating employees to participate actively.

Regular benefits communication

Establish a schedule for regular benefits communications to keep everyone informed about changes, updates and available resources. Again, lean on a variety of the most effective channels.

Prepare for the future

Well in advance of the next open enrollment period, conduct a comprehensive review of the previous process. Identify any areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance the next open enrollment period.

Stay informed on industry trends

Keep yourself updated on trends and changes in regulations, and proactively communicate any relevant news to your employers and employees.

Celebrate successes

Give credit where credit is due! Recognize and appreciate the efforts of employees and HR team members who worked hard to help make open enrollment smooth and effective.

By taking these steps, benefit administrators can not only address immediate concerns but also lay the groundwork for a positive and proactive benefits environment throughout the year. The key is to foster ongoing communication, provide continuous support, and adapt strategies based on feedback and evolving organizational needs.


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