COVID-19 Recovery Index for Health Benefit Administrators

Covid Recovery Index ThumbThe COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing recession have changed the consumer-directed healthcare industry in profound ways – from new legislation to altered means of receiving and paying for care. In an effort to understand the impact to our industry and what a recovery might look like, we’ll be releasing a monthly COVID Recovery Index. This dashboard will show how consumers are returning to healthcare spending, as well as what overall trends could indicate about a recovery. Check back each month for updated data and commentary from the experts at Alegeus.

Update for October 2020

As COVID-19 continues, a new normal has set in. While spending has stabilized, it remains vulnerable to the pandemic as winter approaches. See our analysis of what has happened so far, as well as what we predict for the consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) industry in the months ahead.

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Update for September 2020

Overall, the amount of spend across all categories seems to have settled. This could indicate that the recovery
momentum we saw this summer has reached its peak, and that the amount of spend will stay level for the rest
of 2020. We’ll see how things progress over the next few months.

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COVID-19 Recovery Index for Health Benefit Administrators