House Ways and Means Committee Bill Mark-up includes HSAs

On July 11, 2018, the House Ways and Means committee will mark up its new bill with two of the four HSA Council-proposed provisions expected to be in play – HSAs for working seniors and increasing contributions to the out-of-pocket maximum. Under current law:

  • Working seniors on Medicare are eligible to participate in employer-sponsored HMOs and PPOs, but they are not eligible to participate in an employer-provided HSA.
  • The maximum contribution allowed for HSAs is less than the out-of-pocket maximum for an HSA-qualified health plan, leaving consumers unable to manage their entire annual health risk on a tax-preferred basis.

This expected progress should be celebrated, but there is a long (yet hopeful) road ahead. The bill must be voted out of the Committee, listed for vote on the House floor, and then passed out of the House for Senate consideration later this year.

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