New Year's Financial Resolutions

When it comes to managing and saving for healthcare expenses, most Americans feel their employers should help support their financial preparedness

A recent Alegeus study found that financial concerns were top of mind as consumers weighed their 2023 new year’s resolutions. Whether it was vowing to save more, hoping to spend less, or prioritizing their budget, Americans sought to establish healthy money habits to help them weather economic uncertainty.

As inflation drives prices higher for everything from margarine to motor fuel, medical costs continue their steady upward trend as well. Consumers expressed concern about rising out-of-pocket costs associated with healthcare and worried about their ability to save for retirement.

Employers can play a huge role in helping their employees navigate these concerns. In fact, employees expect them to. Gaps in benefit offerings represent untapped opportunities for an employer to support well-being and boost job satisfaction among their workforce. This, in turn, boosts productivity and reduces stress-related illnesses and turnover.

The infographic below sums up these findings, underscoring just how important it is for employers to offer benefits that align with their employees’ needs.

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