Turn the Pits into Profit: Automate Plan Document Creation & Non-Discrimination Testing Processes

Plan documents and non-discrimination testing are two necessary, yet incredibly mundane operational and compliance requirements related to the administration of tax-advantaged benefit accounts. For many administrators, plan document creation and non-discrimination testing procedures offer very little strategic significance or market differentiation, yet are costly and require tedious effort.

In partnership with RTO Benefits, Alegeus’s platform integrates with the EnsuredCompliance® solution to automate plan document creation and non-discrimination testing, saving valuable time and money. EnsuredCompliance is engineered to reduce costs, increase margins and guarantee compliance by:

  • Automating plan document creation and discrimination testing
  • Reducing legal fees by eliminating the need for external plan document review
  • Guaranteeing plan document compliance
  • Minimizing time spent creating, updating and managing documents

Save time, improve accuracy, ensure compliance
EnsuredCompliance is a comprehensive, integrated compliance solution to help you generate custom, compliant plan documents and non-discrimination tests for your employers and their respective plan documents.

Using a Web-based, wizard approach, users enter a combination of plan-specific information and plan types. The system then outputs custom-tailored, guaranteed-compliant documents. The system features built-in compliance checks according to current regulations to help minimize non-compliant data entry. EnsuredCompliance also monitors regulatory updates regarding your documents and will either automatically update your document or send a notice out if a change requires user input within 30 days of the change.

Create additional revenue
In additional to the cost-savings incurred by freed-up resources, time savings and avoidance of potential fines due to non-compliance, the ability to white-label the solution and provide access to employers, agents and administrators to review and electronically sign documents can be sold as a value-added service, providing a source of per-document fees.

Additional features
EnsuredCompliance also comes equipped with a number of value-added features that make it far superior to manual entry:

  • User access levels: Assign user access at the administrator, agent and employer level, and set role-based access.
  • Custom reporting: Easily analyze renewals and documents created by month, as well as custom report-building capabilities. Reports can be exported in .csv format and imported into billing systems to streamline invoicing.
  • Email notifications: Employers receive an email when it’s time to login and review documents. They also have the ability to e-sign and EnsuredCompliance keeps track of document revision history.
  • Document dashboard: Helps keep you organized and ensures nothing falls through the cracks by easily identifying document status and to-do items.

With so much at stake with document compliance, why increase the likelihood of costly errors? EnsuredCompliance not only helps ensure accuracy and compliance, it can help you do more with fewer resources and even help elevate your business above the competition as a value-added service you can provide to your clients.

For more information about EnsuredCompliance capabilities from Alegeus, contact your Account Executive or fill out the form on the right to watch our on-demand webinar, “Simplified Plan Document Creation & Non-discrimination Testing.”

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