Capturing the Whitespace

Many benefit administrators are sitting on a goldmine of untapped cross-sell, expansion and adoption opportunities:

  • Existing employers’ customers are often under-penetrated, not offering the full mix of accounts
  • Even when offered, these valuable programs are still only utilized by (on average) a third of employee populations that offer them
  • Expanded opportunities exist for account-based strategies to be applied to impact talent and benefit objectives
  • And administrator/broker relationships are not always optimized for success

By analyzing your existing book of business and broker/consultant relationships more deeply, administrators can gain useful insights into the most valuable and highest propensity growth strategies. In this empowering webinar, we share best practices for identifying and capturing expanded opportunity in your employer book of business and beyond.

Plus, hear perspectives from featured guest Ethan Dellhime, SVP at Lockton, on how administrators, brokers and employers can work together to unlock these opportunities – for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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