Consumer Engagement in the Era of Consumer Directed Healthcare: Strategies & Best Practices to Ensure Success

The traditionally employer-centered US healthcare market is in the midst of a major shift towards individual responsibility.

As consumers learn to manage their growing responsibility for healthcare costs, they need tools, support, and guidance about how to best to save and pay for the cost of their care. Consumer directed healthcare accounts (such as FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs) are only the beginning – they must be supported by a robust consumer engagement framework.

However, engaging consumers requires a clear understanding of their needs, wants and issues – as well as knowledge of best-performing engagement strategies to ensure success. The right message and the right tools must be delivered through the right channels at precisely the right time to drive desired outcomes. An effective consumer engagement framework must include:

  • A multi-channel, multi-media approach
  • Data-driven insights to tailor messages and media
  • Incentives to motivate behavior
  • Resources to measure and improve fluency
  • Interactive decisions support tools
  • Solutions to increase transparency
  • And more!

Join us for a discussion of trends and best practices for engaging healthcare consumers. The presentation will include a review of recent consumer research that provides insights into current engagement levels, communication and channel preferences, receptivity to various incentives, wants and needs of various consumer segments, and more.

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