Drive bottom-line results: Maximize account adoption and funding with Alegeus’ open enrollment program

For most CDH administrators, the biggest growth opportunity lies within existing clients and their eligible populations. Are you prepared and well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and drive maximum account adoption this open enrollment season?

Alegeus is here to help ensure your success with a fully-automated marketing program designed to optimize open enrollment results. This comprehensive email-based campaign is designed to build consumer fluency, increase adoption of consumer directed accounts, maximize account funding, and empower consumers to take a more active role in their healthcare finances.

Join Alegeus as we take a deep dive into our open enrollment program. During this session, we’ll share:

  • A program overview: Background, goals/objectives, and how it works
  • Program results: See how program participants have significantly increased their FSA and HSA adoption and funding.
  • Client perspective: Hear first-hand how an Alegeus client successfully drove participation in the program across their book of business, and the positive results they experienced
  • Next steps: Getting started with Alegeus marketing services

This year, take control of your destiny with an open enrollment program designed to drive CDH growth. Register to learn more about this innovative marketing campaign and how it will help drive account participation this open enrollment season.

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