Exploring HSA consumer preferences: A roadmap for building compelling HSA offerings

With health savings account (HSA) enrollment and balances growing rapidly, the outlook for HSAs has never been brighter. To fully capitalize on the HSA market opportunity, HSA program owners must align their strategies with consumer and employer preferences.

Because HSAs are personal and portable accounts, and a mechanism for both short- and long-term savings, consumers have strong opinions about account features and financial institution selection – just as they do with their other personal financial accounts. As employers increasingly adopt high deductible plans and HSAs, they too will have strong preferences and needs that must be met.

Recent research from Alegeus explored consumer and employer attitudes and preferences for HSAs and other benefit accounts:

  • What features do consumers expect and value from their HSA?
  • How much autonomy do consumers want in selecting their HSA custodian?
  • What differentiates one HSA offering from the next?
  • What HSA features are important to employers?

Join us as we review the research results, examine the market opportunity, and brainstorm HSA product strategies to enable winning HSA programs.

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