Increase Auto-substantiation Rates and Automate Claims Adjudication with eClaims Manager

Alegeus is pleased to announce the release of eClaims Manager.

eClaims Manager creates significant efficiencies during the claims submission, adjudication, and reimbursement processes. Using eClaims Manager, administrators can bring carrier explanation-of benefit (EOB) data into the WealthCare Administration system – to substantiate debit card transactions, automate adjudication, and provide a simple way for participants to manage claim payment and reimbursement via the WealthCare Portal.

Watch this exciting session for an introduction to eClaims Manager – including a brief demo and an overview the Premium eClaims Manager service. Additionally, see the business benefits of leveraging eClaims Manager to eliminate paperwork, increase participant engagement, and reduce administrative costs. We hope you can join us.

Click here to learn how eClaims Manager can reduce administrative costs and improve the participant experience by automating claims adjudication and reimbursements.

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