Introducing fully-automated post-enrollment HSA & FSA engagement programs: It's time to get serious about consumer engagement

Consider your CDH consumer communication & engagement strategy:

  • Do your HSA & FSA members fully understand their accounts and how they work?
  • Are consumers optimally funding their accounts?
  • Are consumers enrolled in the digital tools & services that help you lower operational costs?
  • Are your consumers maximizing their savings and optimizing their spending?
  • Are you able to deliver a highly-segmented, one-to-one communication strategy that drives consumer behavior and engagement with your products?

As your trusted partner, Alegeus is committed to helping identify strategies and drive engagement with your CDH programs. We’re excited to launch these new, fully-automated marketing campaigns that leverage your consumer data within the Alegeus platform to deliver highly-targeted, results-oriented marketing programs & communications.

Join us as we present these exciting, new HSA and FSA engagement programs. During this session, we’ll share:

  • Why you need these programs: The business case for consumer engagement & marketing programs
  • How these programs work: Segmentation, messaging, distrbution, and automation

Easy steps to get started with automated engagement programs

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