Optimizing the consumer lifecycle: Your key to growth, engagement, efficiency and business results

Despite market forces, and all of the compelling benefits of account-based offerings, many CDH programs still fall short of potential in educating, enrolling and engaging their eligible populations.

Fluency and literacy is the key: Many consumers are still struggling to fully understand these accounts and their general healthcare finances.

Many consumers are underfunding their savings – or, worse yet, not enrolling at all. And consumers often don’t make use of all of the tools and resources that are available to help them. From foundational education programs that build fluency, to enrollment communications that maximize participation, to onboarding that truly sets your participants up for success, and post-enrollment strategies that maximize usage and engagement – learn simple practices that will help you squeeze the full value out of your populations.

During this session, Alegeus will share a vision for the CDH consumer lifecycle, and offer of proven best practice sales, marketing, and communication programs to ensure you tailor your programs to each individual consumer – as you pave your way to account growth & entanglement.

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