Simplifying ICHRAs: How to provide a seamless ICHRA and benefits enrollment experience

COVID-19 has created new demands and complexities for employers when it comes to health benefit plans. With shrinking budgets and rising healthcare costs, employers are seeking cost-effective benefit options that will continue to attract and retain talent. The Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) is a flexible option that allows employers of all sizes to reduce and stabilize their healthcare expenses.

Join Alegeus, in partnership with HealthSherpa and Flex, as we unpack the benefits of ICHRAs to health plans, TPAs and brokers, as well as employers and consumers. You’ll learn more about ICHRA compliance, administrative efficiencies and guidance, including:

  • Why offer an ICHRA
  • How to identify employer partnerships
  • What to consider when offering an ICHRA
  • How to simplify the consumer shopping experience

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