The biggest mistakes most TPAs make - and how to move past them

“We’ve always done it this way.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase quite often in business. Relying on a tried-and-true approach can be a harmless – even natural – course of action. But if you don’t at least try other ways to automate processes and procedures, you could face potential quality issues or lost business. With a consumer-directed account platform supporting more than 200,000 employers and 30 million consumers, Alegeus in a unique position to share best practices and strategies that many don’t realize are possible.

In this light-hearted session, we explored real-life examples of situations where people didn’t realize technology configurations, automation solutions, creative workflows or quality processes could reduce costs or improve quality. We also discussed:

  • Strategies that will deliver efficiencies, cost savings and profitability improvements
  • The importance of studying data to identify new opportunities
  • Strategies and tactics that improve performance and achieve desired savings goals

Check out a replay of the webinar!

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