The Top 3 Open Enrollment Challenges COBRA Administrators Face This Year - Plus Strategies For Success

WEBINAR: Thursday, October 14 at 1:00 p.m. ET

One of the most confusing aspects of open enrollment for employers is handling individuals or families enrolled on COBRA or those pending COBRA enrollment. As a result, employers usually turn to COBRA administrators for assistance. This open enrollment season may feel particularly daunting for COBRA administrators, however, having just endured a year-plus of challenges related to COVID and the COBRA premium subsidy. In this webinar, we take a closer look at the 3 biggest open enrollment challenges COBRA administrators face this year, as well as steps they can take to streamline and simplify the process.

Join Kris Saunders, COBRA subject matter expert at Alegeus, on Oct. 14 as she discusses:

  • The greatest open enrollment challenges – from billing to reporting plan changes to coordinating new events in light of the ARPA subsidy
  • Best practices for efficiently and effectively tracking elections and collecting new year information from employers
  • How to analyze the volume of communications post-subsidy and plan for those QBs dropping coverage during OE processing
  • How to notify the significant number of qualified beneficiaries (QBs) and COBRA-pending individuals (those who have 60 days to elect and 45 days to pay)
  • Strategies for timely production of billing statements and communication around plan or carrier changes
  • How to proactively plan for the billing process, effectively communicate plan/carrier changes, and manage costs and billable services
  • And more


Kris Saunders

Industry Subject Matter Expert

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