Will the Alegeus Smart Account Disrupt and Revolutionize Your Experience & Value Proposition?

During the 2019 Alegeus Client Conference in May, Alegeus unveiled the industry’s first Smart Account mobile app that features machine learning and artificial intelligence-based solutions designed to deliver a more intuitive, personalized, and self-guided account experience.

While the consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) market has flourished over the last decade, the case can be made that these products and experiences have stagnated, lacking defensible differentiation or value. The market demands more from tax-advantaged healthcare benefit accounts.

Join Alegeus to learn more about the Smart Account and see the mobile app in action. Specifically, we will unpack how the solution will disrupt and change the benefits lifecycle with discussion topics ranging from the user experience to the use of predictive analytics, personalized guidance, and more.

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You’ll leave this webinar with clarity and feeling confident about how the innovative, new Alegeus Smart Account solution will impact your customers, business, and the CDH market – as we work to answer some important questions:

  • Why deliver this type of innovation now?
  • How is the new Smart Account different than preceding account offerings?
  • What can you – and your customers – expect from the Alegeus Smart Account?
  • What does the solution entail, how does it work, and what you can expect to come in the Q120 release?
  • How will you craft your market, business, and sales position?

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Will the Alegeus Smart Account Disrupt and Revolutionize Your Experience & Value Proposition?

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