Your Next-Generation HSA: Selling the full value of your HSA solution

As Millennial and Gen Z employees continue to enter the workforce with different expectations as digital nomads, it is important to be versatile. Having a fully integrated, one-stop-shop HSA platform provides account holders with a seamless experience.

Where most HSA providers still focus on narrow portions of the HSA experience, the Alegeus WealthCare HSA is focused on the entire customer journey and adapts to changing account owner preferences. It is purpose-built to address the needs of the whole workforce by providing best-in-class engagement and features for spenders, savers and investors alike.

In this webinar, we’ll explain how WealthCare HSA differentiates you in the market with features including:

  • Modern investment capabilities – Fully integrated, real-time and personalized
  • Higher cash yield – Consumers can earn more on their HSA cash account
  • Intuitive mobile experience – Easy to navigate, always available
  • White-label throughout – Your brand is all they see
  • World-class service and support – Help when and how you need it

We dig into the strategy behind this innovative offering and share enablement tools designed to fuel your growth and help you win on value.

Listen in as Alegeus Associate Product Manager Madison Welch provides an update on the state of the HSA market. Then, Product Manager Lindsay Barnard explains how we are crafting the industry’s best HSA solution and the value it adds for consumers, employers and administrators. Lindsay also discusses our upcoming initiatives, including a WealthCare Saver High-Yield HSA, which will allow account owners to maximize the value of their HSA account even more with significantly higher interest rates.

This webinar is the first installment of our weekly Lunch & Learn series, where our experts will share helpful information about the state of the industry and our product offerings.

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