2021 Health Benefits Forum: A look ahead at the trends that will transform our industry

As we close – no, slam – the door on a challenging 2020, we look forward with optimism to the transformative journey our industry is on. Yes, COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench in our plans for consumer-directed healthcare, but we also saw some surprisingly positive changes as a result. Healthcare providers turned to tools and technology like never before, and consumers proved they can adapt quickly. As we return to normalcy (or whatever “normal” will look like in the future), we believe that health plans, TPAs and brokers will be laser-focused on narrowing the consumer engagement gap as well.

Join us for an engaging virtual roundtable, where we’ll bring together innovators and experts in the field to discuss the state of the health benefits industry, as well as trends to watch for in 2021 and beyond. We’ll explore themes like:

  • digital transformation
  • hyper-personalization
  • whole-person health
  • full consumer lifecycle and preparedness
  • and more…

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Themes, predictions, and data-driven analysis of the health benefits industry in 2021

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